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What Is Crossy Road?

What Is Crossy Road?

“Crossy Road” is a mobile game that was developed by Hipster Whale and released in 2014. It’s available on both iOS and Android platforms, making it accessible to a wide audience. The game combines elements of classic arcade gameplay with a modern and quirky twist.


The objective of “Crossy Road” is simple yet challenging. Players control a character (which can range from a chicken to a celebrity) and attempt to cross a busy road filled with moving traffic and various obstacles. The goal is to get as far as possible without getting hit by cars, trucks, trains, or other hazards.

Key Features

  • Endless Gameplay: “Crossy Road” offers endless gameplay, meaning there’s no ultimate goal or final level. Your aim is to surpass your previous best score with each attempt.
  • Unlockable Characters: The game features a wide variety of characters to unlock, each with its unique appearance and animations. Some characters are earned through gameplay, while others can be purchased or unlocked through in-game prizes.
  • Challenging Terrain: As you progress, the terrain becomes more challenging, with faster vehicles and more obstacles to navigate.
  • Daily Missions and Gifts: Players can complete daily missions to earn in-game currency and prizes. There are also daily gifts to collect.
  • Multiplayer Mode: “Crossy Road” offers a fun multiplayer mode where you can challenge your friends or random opponents to see who can go the farthest.

Why Is Crossy Road So Popular?

“Crossy Road” became a sensation due to its addictive and casual gameplay, charming voxel art-style graphics, and a sense of humor that appeals to players of all ages. The game’s straightforward mechanics make it easy for anyone to pick up and play, while the variety of characters adds an element of collectability and personalization.

Tips for Success

Here are some tips to help you excel in “Crossy Road”:

  • Timing is Everything: Pay close attention to the timing of vehicles and obstacles. Patience is key.
  • Learn Character Abilities: Different characters have unique abilities that can help you navigate the road more effectively.
  • Practice Regularly: Like any game, practice makes perfect. The more you play, the better you’ll become.
  • Watch Advertisements: You can earn rewards by watching short video advertisements. These rewards can be quite beneficial in the game.


“Crossy Road” is a delightful and challenging mobile game that has captured the hearts of players worldwide. Its simple yet addictive gameplay, charming graphics, and humorous elements make it a must-try for anyone looking for a fun and engaging gaming experience on their mobile device. Whether you’re trying to beat your own high score or competing with friends, “Crossy Road” offers hours of entertainment and endless replayability. Give it a go and see how far you can cross!

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